SURVIVOR International Candles- Burning one of these highly fragrant candles will symbolize letting the devil know that you are a SURVIVOR in every area of your life!

At Rest Pillows - Anointed pillows that are sure to soothe every fear or anxiety that keeps you from resting.

SISTERS Sensational Seasonal Cards - Greeting Cards that will speak a word of life and exhortation to every occasion in life.

BAM Signature Artwork - Acrostic artwork that delivers a personal word from God.

Rich Wear - We Wear the Best!  Fashionable clothing that expresses God’s Word over our lives.  This line of Rich Wear allows us to BEE Living Epistles, read by man, no matter where we go.
iCARE GIFTS is a by product of SISTERS Restoration Crisis Center, a transitional restoration program for women and children, that have been affected by life’s circumstances. The concept of our line of Caring Gifts came to BEE as a source of income to help build and sustain the ministry.  It was also a means of teaching and training women in a skill or craft, that would allow them to sow their time and talents back into the ministry, as well.

The Vision of this Caring Owner, Brenda Ashley, was to create a line of gifts that ministered to the soul of anyone who received them.  Through her own life experiences, she knew first hand the effects that the “perfect gift” could have in soothing an emotional hurt or  delivering an encouraging word at the right time.  From this, the following gift lines were created:
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